advices every vendor to pack there goods in such a manner so that it does not get spoil in transit. As the product changes many Hands/Processes before being finally reaching into customer’s hand from your place.

It helps in many ways to vendors

  • As it prevents the loss of damage in transit
  • It reduces the returns of products
  • It generates repeat orders.

Do’s & Don’t of Packing

  • You should not use packing material of other E-commerce companies for packing product for
  • Do not stick any advertisement in or out of packing box.
  • Put all the necessary documents like manuals, warranty papers (if any) etc. In box with the product. Take print out of the invoice & paste it on top of the box so that it can be easily recognized at every step of delivery.
  • You can use any plain packaging material you require to keep your safe like corrugated boxes, shrink wrap etc but it should not carry brand of any other e-commerce company.
  • Please make sure whenever you pack a product. You should pack your box with branded tape , It will help in recognizing your product in transit.
  • As we welcomes you in our family we will be sending you a welcome kit which will have (4) four sadar24 branded tapes.
  • In future you can send us your requirements of packing material on & we will provide it at your doorsteps. The charges for packing material are-
Size (index) Rate
6x8 160 (100 piece)
8x10 200 (100 piece)
12x16 350 (100 piece)
14x18 425 (100 piece)
16x20 510 (100 piece)
20x24 750 (100 piece)