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Why Sell on Sadar24 – One of Its Kind Market Place

  • It helps focus on a specific product category that is in demand & ensures variety
  • Helps in Targeting a more specific and involved group of customers
  • Ability to address the needs of those customers by offering a more holistic set of specialized products
  • The engagement and interaction with customers is higher, more personal and thematic, leading to repeat visits
  • Draws in lots of digital traffic, which means greater exposure for the brands that want to sell.
  • Brand Identity gets defined and embedded in the customer’s consciousness with their category-specific approach
  • Gives consumers the ease of shopping for their specific needs at their own disposal
  • Generates a sense of community, trust and support that shares a common greater interest.

Listing on Sadar24 Is Easy

  • Listing on our platform is totally free with easy to use self-serve portal.
  • Maximize your sales across India with easy dashboard and analytics support
  • Hassle-free pick-up and delivery across India.
  • Package would be picked-up by our logistic partner once you pack and keep the product ready
  • Receive on time and reliable payments
  • Maximize your sales across India with easy dashboard and analytics support
  • Pay Only when your product is ordered

Why Sell on Sadar24

Sell Online and Grow

Widen your reach and increase sales

No Upfront Cost

Sell Online with no upfront or recurring cost

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Manage your online store anytime and anywhere**

Effective Model

Cost effective and scalable model**

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Equal Opportunities for all the Sellers to flourish

Performance Based System

Performance based system, pay only if you sell.

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Register, list your products and start selling. Simple!

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